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China International Jewelry Fair 2017
07-07-2017 [www.htxmrc.com.cn]

China International Jewelry Fair 2017 (CIJF) is co-organized by two authoritative national organizations, Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China (GAC) and National Gems and Jewelry Technology Administrative Center. As one of the three major gems and jewelry fairs in Mainland China, CIJF attracts leading gems and jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and franchisees from over 20 countries and regions. It provides decent environment for brand promoting and product trading as well as effective networking platform for jewelry entrepreneurs, designers, gemologists and professionals to conduct communication and cooperation. Nowadays, it has become the most influential international jewelry fair in Mainland China.

1.Leading jewelry brand
The fair attracts many top Chinese jewelry companies to participate, including Caibai, Laofengxiang, Coloful Yunan, ChowTaiSeng, Laomiao Gold, Ruans, HuaChangJewelry, Xinguangda Jewelry, Diamond Charm, Eunice Jewelry, KinHingLee, Sunfeel, etc.

2.Pavilions from various regions of China
Jewelry enterprises, which were carefully selected by Shenzhen Shuibei Jewelry Trade Center, Jinli Jewelry Trade Center and Guangzhou Hualin Pavilion, will participate in the CIJF, to demonstrate their comprehensive strength in jewelry design and processing.

3.Jewelry Industry Bases Pavilions
Panyu Jewelry Industry Base is an international Jewelry processing center. Many relative companies have been organized, as the Panyu Pavillion will take part in the fair. Aiming at expanding domestic market, they will bring various fine jewelry with international elements to the fair. Meanwhile, a number of Jewelry Industry Bases will organize exhibition groups to participate in the fair, including Sihui Pavilion, Donghai Pavilion, Ruili Pavilion, etc.

4.Overseas pavilions
Meanwhile, a good amount of international exhibitors coming from 20 regions and countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Japan,Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, America,France, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., will exhibit their best products and create an international jewelry feast for the visitors.

  1. Taiwan Pavilion
  2. Thai Pavilion
  3. Australian Opal Pavilion
  4. Korean Pavilion
  5. Polish Pavilion
  6. Sri Lankan Pavilion
  7. ICA Pavilion

5.Other pavilions

  1. Tiangong Award Exhibition and Jade Carving
  2. Taobao Pavilion
  3. Mineral Crystal Pavilion
  4. Traditional Jewelry and Art Pavilion
  5. Designers Pavilion
  6. Pavilion

Exhibition Name: China International Jewelry Fair 2017
Exhibition time: November. 9-13, 2017 (Thursday to Monday)
Address: China International Exhibition Center (No.6, North 3rd Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China)
Exhibition space: 60,000 square meters, booth number: 3,000
International Cooperation Department
Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China (GAC)
Address: F22, Tower C, World Trade Center, No. 36, North Third Ring Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Tel: 8610-5827 6078 / 5827 6080 
Fax: 8610-5827 6078
Emai: [email protected] 
Website: www.htxmrc.com.cn

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